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    We are delighted to host the Director Peter Dowd and Dave Lewis - renowned Led Zeppelin chronicler, author and editor of the Tight But Loose website to our stage to discuss what it was like making this exciting new documentary.

    Led Zeppelin recorded their debut album,  "Led Zeppelin I",  In September - October of 1968 at Olympic Studios. They released this album on 12th January 1969 and the group's fusion of blues and rock, and their take on the emerging hard rock sound was immediately commercially successful in both the UK and US, reaching the top 10 on album charts in both countries, as well as several others. 

    Jimmy Page said that the album took only about 36 hours of studio time (over a span of a few weeks) to create.

    "In our current universe, where followers give themselves over to their entertainment or culture-warrior heroes with undying devotion and zero questioning, his devotion to honoring this particular house of the old is sweet, almost noble." David Browne, Rolling Stone